Design for the future

HR Design has emerged as a natural solution to the problems that organizations in Romania are facing today:

  • how to find “quality” people?
  • how to put the right person in the right place?
  • if I found the good ones, how do I keep their motivation and interest in work for a long time?
  • in crisis situations, how do I ensure their stability?
  • how do I provide them with psychological safety in relationships and a successful work environment?
  • what is an optimal mix of benefits (tangible and intangible), in accordance with the work done and the evolution of the company?
  • how do they maintain their interest in lifelong learning and development?
  • how do I make the good ones stand out without discouraging others?

… and many other such questions.

With background from different industries, organizations and roles, we realized that these problems are common and unfortunately perpetual, so we decided to offer a helping hand! We have put together complementary experiences and top expertise, so we offer sustainable solutions in ever-changing business contexts.

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We believe that the evolution of an organization depends very much on the evolution of the people inside it, from the “top” to the “blade of grass”. No matter how advanced the systems, technology or processes, if people do not develop with them, there is no progress. And people are motivated by progress, not just money or other material benefits.

Equally, we know that “pains” exist and will always be. We call them “growth pains”. And we understand to identify them correctly and offer them the right solution as part of a whole system, so as to cover any spread consequences in the organization.

And yes, we stand by people and organizations throughout the implementation of our services and recommendations, because we love to know that the results are of real use!

Principles and values that recommend us


High level of knowledge and skills

We live up to the level of ambitious expectations, having theoretical and practical expertise, local and international.

Adaptability and customized solutions

We adapt knowledge to the environment we work with and customize solutions after fully understanding of the human needs and the business stage.

Valuable personal and professional education

We contribute to the development of businesses through the education offered to all roles and hierarchical levels.

Good interpersonal practices

We believe in human potential and develop best practices in interpersonal relationships.

Agility and systemic intelligence

We understand the complexity of business processes, the different dynamics of organizational systems and act quickly on the changes produced by them.

24/7 - Permanent accompaniment

We are with those we serve, throughout the implementation of the solutions offered.

our team

20 years of experience in leading people, teams and organizations

Various skills (training, HR consulting, development of learning programs and career promotion, individual and team coaching)

Expertise in diverse industries (technology, retail, telecommunications, luxury)

Bianca Vuță


About Bianca ...

Bianca is a person with a love for people!

In continuous growth and development of self and people, she has accumulated a professional experience of over 20 years, combining the environment of multinational companies with the Romanian entrepreneurial one, which offered her both a pragmatic vision on business processes and an understanding of human nature in different work contexts.

Aware that “change is the only constant in life”, her mission is to help people and organizations to make the necessary change to get to the next level. Thus, whether it is individual coaching, training deliveries or development of programs and learning processes for teams and organizations, Bianca brings a lot of patience, ability to listen what is not said, systemic and future-oriented thinking, guiding towards progress and performance.

Along with a university degree in economics, Bianca holds national and international certifications such as Trainer, Coach, LABTM Profiler and Agile HR Professional.

Andrei Vuță


About Andrei ...

Within HR DESIGN, Andrei contributes with over 20 years of experience in top multinational companies in the field of technology. Andrei knows in detail the best corporate business practices at all levels, whether it is team management or the implementation of projects and processes within organizations.

 Andrei’s distinctive advantage is his significant experience in multinational projects, located in various European countries.

 Andrei holds a university degree in engineering and is an Executive MBA graduate at ASEBUSS – Institute of Business Administration in Bucharest.